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            Nowadays, many people have acknowledged the benefit of playing music. Numerous researches show the beneficial results of playing music especially for children. Several studies specifically demonstrate that playing musical instrument on a regular basis can help person decreasing stress, as researchers at Stanford University said that music has a unique character that link to our emotions and effective in stress management tool. The study also indicates that listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication and since music is so widely available and inexpensive, it is an easy stress reduction option.

            More over, music could help patient in recovery process. A study from Austria’s General Hospital of Salzburg found that, in the case of patients recovering from surgery, the rate of healing process had increased when music was incorporated into the standard rehabilitation process.

            Furthermore, the study shows that the patience feel less pain compared to normal rehabilitation. This is because music connects with the automatic nervous system included brain function, blood pressure, heartbeat and also lambic system which control feelings and emotional. Moreover, music can enhance your social life and self-confident. In case of musician, playing music can draw the relationship from others easily and when they play in-group, a sense of fellowship is shared amongst musicians, who can collectively produce so much more than an individual can. The people who can attain to a certain level of music will have the confident in their achievement, which will further lead to confidence.

Tanchanid Srisompetch, Kru Tuey

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